Ambitious full-time, ladder-climbing, technical career woman
First-time organic, green, cost-conscious, un-frumpy mother
Wife to an amazingly great, clean, and even dorkier man (read: OCD; hi, I’m kettle)
Principle-centered, lifelong artist and designer
Analytical Driver personality, INTJ

I’d like to think that this site, developed from the success of sharing our wedding planning and diy, will also become wildly successful because of my unlabored wit and sense of mediocre taste. Well, I’m a little more realistic than that.

This is just a little corner of the web where my husband and I can update our friends and family who aren’t in the same city anymore. We’re endearingly known as DonThao to close friends… and I guess to all of you now. We are big on DIY, but only if it makes sense on ROI. Who wants to spend 80 hrs working on something that won’t last half as long?

We got married in June of 2009 and have been updating a mid-60s home in Grand Rapids. Our main families can be found across the state of Michigan, with the extended family all over the world. We’re both career people and have just been introduced to the world of parenting with a baby boy, Kyler, who was born in October 2012. Obviously, that calls for Baby DIY.

We cloth diaper, nurse, went organic, are paperless, and clearly out of our minds trying to maintain this lifestyle with the rest of our priorities. We aren’t perfect, but we try, and sometimes we ungracefully fail.

Other topics include product reviews (see disclosure), parenting, pregnancy, MSPI, eczema, etc.

Enjoy your stay, come back soon, and visit my social network.


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Verna Ferrari January 18, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Hi, my name is Verna Ferrari and my family and I are in the middle of planning my son’s wedding. I love the way your husband folded the napkins for your wedding to hold the menu cards. Are the directions for that fold anywhere online. I can not seem to find them anywhere and would love to duplicate it for the upcoming wedding. If not online, could you possible get me the directions…

Thank you for your time.


Thao January 23, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Ahhh! I know – I’ve been meaning to post the how-to for this napkin fold… FOREVER ago, but it keeps slipping my mind. I will try to get this page updated soon.


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