Announcing Number 2 {Oops! We Did It Again!}

by Thao on 10.12.2014

Well, we did it again! We’re pretty excited to announce that Kyler is going to be a big brother in April 2015.

funny pregnancy announcement for second baby with Maury and Britney Spears

We went back to Maury again, but enlisted the help of Ms. Britney Spears (she loaned me her red leather jumpsuit), to share that we did it again and we’re having another baby! OK, so we didn’t really, but we couldn’t do anything cutesy after the last announcement (another photoshopped Maury photo).

Number 2 is exciting. It’s already a different pregnancy than the first since I was on hyper-documentation with the first. I just hope this kid gets some photos too. I also didn’t find out at 5 weeks along like I did for Kyler. It would be nearly two months in that I felt the need to run to the grocery store for a pregnancy test.

We told our friends during Kyler’s big 2nd birthday Monkey bash. I was against the idea of throwing a big party to avoid stressing about décor and plans, but we wanted to get our closest people together to share the excitement. I am glad we did. It turned out to be a nice way to see everyone.

By the time this next kid comes, Donny will be finishing up his last month of school (hooray!). Yep. He will be an hour away while I’m due. We’ll figure this out :).

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