Announcing Number 2’s Gender

December 1, 2014 0 comments
second baby holiday, christmas announcement with stockings -

That was our classy gender announcement, which we decided not to go with. If you think about how we announced getting knocked up and then how we revealed we were having #2, it just didn’t fit. I shared this with our Facebook friends only after the real announcement came out. Come back to see how […]

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Announcing Number 2 {Oops! We Did It Again!}

October 12, 2014 0 comments
funny pregnancy announcement for second baby with Maury and Britney Spears -

Well, we did it again! We’re pretty excited to announce that Kyler is going to be a big brother in April 2015. We went back to Maury again, but enlisted the help of Ms. Britney Spears (she loaned me her red leather jumpsuit), to share that we did it again and we’re having another baby! […]

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From Zero to Twelve Months

March 3, 2014 3 comments
monthly photo log of baby boy in his first year with the same onesie -

Tomorrow, Kyler turns 17 months old, but I, as the “very on top of everything mom” that I am, just put together his first year collage yesterday. Every month, I put him in a 12-month sized onesie and put him in his crib. This is not an original idea. I think I Googled it somewhere… […]

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My Baby is Better

August 30, 2013 0 comments

It’s been a long time since I have updated and it’s mainly due to the career change I made in late May. I decided to leave my post as an engineering leader in my organization to learn more about business as a whole in project management. So far – it has been one of the […]

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Hi Stranger, Watch My Kid

April 1, 2013 3 comments

After being in a state of blissful sleeplessness during maternity leave, we had Kyler in day care full time just two days shy of his 3-month birthday. Our day care has a camera. I have an awkward relationship with said camera. Start internal dialog: Is that baby… Kyler? Wait? It’s supposed to be nap time. […]

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Cool Nurseries Have These

March 28, 2013 0 comments
random items on baby nursery book shelves -

What do you put on your baby’s nursery shelves? Oh, you don’t have this Snoop Dogg CD thanks to your coworkers? No Bruce Lee DVD either? You’re clearly not cool. This IS pretty sweet though. My friend, who currently lives in Switzerland, sent us this in the mail after a work trip to China. This […]

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Mr. Tough Guy

March 25, 2013 1 comment
tough baby boy on a path to diagnosis -

I’m getting sick of going to the Doctor. Not for me, for 5.5 month old Kyler.    My updates for the few people who actually read them have been irregular and brief as we have been in and out of healthcare offices for the past couple months… just trying to find the proper diagnosis and […]

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Baby’s First March Madness

March 19, 2013 2 comments
March Madness, baby bracket selection with MSU pick -

Donny’s favorite holiday is March Madness. Yes, holiday. Yes, the entire month. Naturally, Kyler wanted to get involved, so he’s filling out his first bracket this year. He doesn’t want to use his words yet, so we had to help him help us fill out his bracket. It was probably one of those ‘I actually […]

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Alfalfa Sprout: Tale of the Last Baby Hairs

March 15, 2013 0 comments
last of the baby hairs, alfalfa sprout -

"Look at all that hair!" was probably one of the first things Donny and the 16 hospital clinicians hovering around my lovely lady parts said as Kyler was forcefully making his debut. We figured he’d have a mop. He IS Asian. Plus, my mom told me he’d have a lot of hair because I said […]

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Heart on My Finger: Handwriting Name Ring {Review}

March 8, 2013 0 comments
intial name ring in handwriting font - new mom gift idea -

Occasionally, I zone out on Wanelo. On the one occassion that I did, I found a picture of a handmade ring of someone’s name on it and immediately knew I had to track down the artist/company. Image from Christmas was around the corner and I wanted to give my sister (and myself – comon, […]

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