{DIY} Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

by Thao on 08.31.2012

OK, how about some non-baby related craft explanations? I’ve been making art for our house for awhile now so I rummaged through some old pictures and was able to dig up something to share.

Wall art can be pricey, but you can easily make your own. I wanted something canvas-y to hang, but I was too cheap to buy one and wanted to hang my own photography up. So I made this:

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

I admit that there should have been more pictures taken to articulate how I did what I did, but I got so wrapped up in making the art! Hopefully, you catch what I’m saying. Here’s what you need.


  • printer
  • printed image – I printed on normal paper
  • decoupage or modge podge
  • foam applicator
  • scissors
  • 9 4" x 4" blank canvas blocks – got mine from JoAnn
  • bamboo sticks
  • twine
  • hot glue

I had taken a picture of the blooming cherry blossoms in our front yard and wanted to display it somehow. Here’s the original picture:

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

I blew it up in Photoshop so that it would cover a span of 16" x 16". If you lay a 3 column, 3 row 4" x 4" canvas block out, the image would be 12" x 12". However, I wanted to make sure that the sides were covered with the image too, so I made sure there was at least an inch perimeter all the way around. I made it a 2" perimeter to ensure the wrapping of the picture covered the sides completely.

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

Then, in Photoshop, I cropped the same cherry blossom image 9 different times – one for each square. Since each canvas needed to be covered on the four sides (not just the front), the picture had to be printed with some overlap. It is difficult to explain in words so here is a graphic depicting one row.

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

Part of the picture for the canvas on the left is reprinted as part of the canvas in the middle, and so on.

When all of the images are printed, I cut down the paper and number them so I don’t forget the orientation and where they go. It’s easy to disorient the picture when you crop in that close. I started with the top left canvas as "one".

At this point, I take an image and pencil in the square on the back side of how it will sit on the canvas. This helps me align and decoupage in the following steps. Sorry, I didn’t document this one well. Then, I apply the decoupage on the front side of a blank canvas. Take the paper you just marked up and apply it to the canvas, rubbing out any wrinkles carefully.

As I waited for the decoupage to cure a little, I penciled in the number on the canvas in its upright orientation.

Then, I cut into the picture at the corners leading into the canvas to help make it a clean fold. I added decoupage to one length of the paper and folded it around the canvas like so:

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

I repeated for the opposite side… and then the remaining two sides and added decoupage on top of the paper. Decoupage dries clear and acts as a sealant for the paper image. I coated it several times, waiting for it to dry between each coat, and applied it in the same direction.

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

Decoupage was applied to the sides of the canvas and to the front in the same manner.

When they were all done and dried, I laid out the canvases upside down on my work surface (which was a piece of cardboard), and spaced them to how I wanted. I targeted 1" gap between the canvases. Then I eyeballed and cut a length of the bamboo to lay across each row and column. You need 6 lengths of bamboo.

Then, I tied the intersection points up with twine and hot glued them to the canvas backs. I added some short pieces of bamboo in between the gaps to strengthen the art piece and to stabilize everything.

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

That’s pretty much how it happened. Presto… I have a new piece of wall art for my family room!

diy sectioned canvas wall art or decor

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