From Zero to Twelve Months

by Thao on 03.03.2014

Tomorrow, Kyler turns 17 months old, but I, as the “very on top of everything mom” that I am, just put together his first year collage yesterday.

monthly photo log of baby boy in his first year with the same onesie

Every month, I put him in a 12-month sized onesie and put him in his crib. This is not an original idea. I think I Googled it somewhere… before the days of Pinterest. (Actually, nowadays, if I see something shared virally on Pinterest, it’s pretty much a deterrent for me to consider DIYing that specific thing – everyone and their mom will assume I followed Pinterest instructions instead of *gasp* coming up with something on my own.)

The 4-month photo was amidst all of the health issues surfacing so there’s a little bit of heartbreak in looking at these. I can see which months he stopped growing, yet, get pretty happy about the smile he wore through most of it. We have a pretty tough kid.

Now, he’s chatty and continues to surprise us with his personality. Over the weekend, we caught some of his baby monologue and posted to share with his grandma.

I’m not sure what he’s trying to tell us, but it’s clear that he is going to be quite the entertainer one day.

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Olivia January 31, 2016 at 2:14 pm

How did you put all of the photos together at the end ?
Totally computer illiterate over here! Lol


Thao February 3, 2016 at 10:07 pm

I pulled it all together in Photoshop using layer masks.


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