Lots going on and lots to share so in the interest of time, I am putting three weeks of album updates into this post.

We visited Donny’s parents during Week 15 for his mother’s birthday. The baby got gifts of course – baby boy AND baby girl clothes since there was a sale and we don’t know what {Bruce} will be. Like any old school Asian could pass up a good sale.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 15 through 17

My bump has been growing. It’s feels more like a foopah though. An ate-too-many-cookies foopah. The really cool thing about being pregnant is I no longer feel the need to suck-in all the time. Oh, don’t act like you don’t do it. Now, I just let it all hang out. I can’t believe it’s grown like this over the course of a couple months…

documenting maternity in an album page, week 15 through 17

After purchasing a car during Week 13, it only seemed logical to start on the first big baby purchase along the lines of mobility and transportation. Enter ‘research baby strollers’ into the picture.

WHAT THE EFF ever happened to umbrella strollers?! I swear when I was a kid, those were the ONLY options. Now, they fold up, they fold down, they bugaboo, they bassinet, they turn into a car that can two-track through mud and rocky terrain. I’m not done. They come with a myriad of attachments and try to modernize and match your wardrobe. Do I really need a stroller that matches my car seat that matches the baby’s bib or socks? I suppose coordination is important but I’d rather teach that life lesson when the kid has his/her own money to spend. And HOW MANY strollers do we freakin’ need? Newborn… Toddler… this one only supports X amount of weight and that one supports more but weighs 800 lbs.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 15 through 17

Yes, that is a terrible Photoshop job.

Yes, that is Donny pensively researching cleanability and ease-for-dummies-to-use-ness.

Onward we go.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 123.


Documenting Maternity {Week 13}

by Thao on 04.25.2012

Week 13 of the pregnancy marked the beginning of official baby purchases. The first order of business: a new car, or SUV in our case.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 13

I had driven some form of a Honda Accord since I could legally drive. My mom bought my first car, a ’92 Accord Sedan in green, just before I got my license. After driving that thing into the ground, I sold it, and bought a ’01 Accord Coupe. I still miss that car! I LOVED it. Fortunately, it’s still in the family. I gave it to my mom after we purchased this ’12 Cadillac SRX, i.e. my new mom-mobile. One day, I’ll be a soccer mom, but that doesn’t mean I have to do it minivan style.

This was the first ‘new’ car that Donny and I have ever owned. We were dead set on getting a used car, but I couldn’t resist the new body style and the smooth drive after I took it for a spin in Kalamazoo. Not a bad mom mobile. The only thing it didn’t meet my criteria for was the poor gas-mileage. Good thing I only drive 10 miles to and from work.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 12}.


Documenting Maternity {Week 12}

by Thao on 04.20.2012

It was debatable about the baby’s due date. Debatable by the doctor, not me. I was using an ovulation kit. Due to the conflict, my OB had me get an ultrasound to measure the baby. I didn’t realize that an ultrasound at this point was uncommon, so I cherished this itty bitty future-poop-machine’s first official picture for the Week 12 album spread.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 12

I was overwhelmed at the image I saw on screen. I love that they can save the files onto a DVD for you now, even though the physical printouts are nostalgically scrapbook-able. The option of both was exciting for this documenter.

This 12 week baby ultrasound was also the trigger for our Special Maury Povich Birth Announcement to appear on Facebook, making the pregnancy official. Facebook-official, bitches! Yup, now everyone who was anyone knew.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 11}.


Look At That Bump!

by Thao on 04.18.2012

Well. Somewhere around 13 weeks, I had to use the hair tie around my jean button-hole trick to help me ‘fit’ my pants.

Then, at 15.5 weeks, I officially had to wear maternity jeans. That was fast.

Instead of the typical side-by-side pictures, I decided to overlay my new belly on my original belly. This way, you see the transformation…

…and you focus on my belly… and I can look pre-belly pretty with the ‘before picture’ in focus. I was also having an amazing hair day after we initially found out, so I am capitalizing on that. It’s called an illusion, people!

creative way to show growing pregnancy belly, 4 months

See? I can still maintain my youthful, childless, selfish looks but show you the belly. It’s a win-win situation.


Documenting Maternity {Week 11}

by Thao on 04.15.2012

After telling our families about the news, I had a Google Hangout with my best girlfriends. We couldn’t plan a physical get together in the time frame that I wanted, so we harnessed technology to spread the wealth.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 11

These girls are my rock, my support system. They HAD to know before I made it all Facebook Official.

I had a tough time with this page in the maternity album. There was no group photo of everyone getting the surprise. I had a lousy screenshot that I Print-screened while explaining the Michigan State bib that I was holding up to the camera, but it did NOT fit on the page layout nicely. SO, I started introducing the fruit sizes that every expecting mom seems to be taking pictures with nowadays. Hopefully, I don’t have to resort to comparing the baby to a food item too frequently… not that there is anything wrong with it. I just wanted to do something different.


Documenting Maternity {Week 10}

by Thao on 04.10.2012

Secrets like ‘growing a human being’ are pretty hard to keep secret. This baby is going to be the first grandchild on both sides of the family too, which complicates the whole ‘let’s keep this a secret’ thing. Before the end of the first trimester, we scheduled our annual trip across Michigan to share the news with my mom, my sister, and his parents.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 10

If you couldn’t tell, everyone was surprised and so at week 10, we could actually share our cautious joy with some others. It was a bit risky and we knew it since we didn’t necessarily have the Doctor’s clearing, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. We asked our support system to pray for the ‘clear’ and hope that the rest of the pregnancy goes well.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 7 through 9}.


The majority of week 7 through week 8 were spent traveling abroad in Malaysia and China for work, so Bruce has already been to Asia and Mexico with me. No bump to share yet, so the album pages for these weeks focused on what Bruce has been experiencing.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 7, week 8, and week 9

documenting maternity in an album page, week 7, week 8, and week 9

I came back from my trip exhausted. It was a better flight home this time, but traveling in combination with a growing human inside you kind of wipes you out.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 7, week 8, and week 9

And I’ve been sleeping on my stomach. I don’t do that. I have my extremely kind husband to thank for this flattering image of me.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 6}.


Documenting Maternity {Week 6}

by Thao on 04.04.2012

documenting maternity in an album page, week 6

It just wouldn’t be appropriate to exclude Bruce Lee from the maternity album, since we’re "calling" the baby {Bruce}. Blasphemous, even.

The news sort’ve sunk in at that point for us. We were cautiously excited, yet, it’s hard to really, REALLY, ‘get it’ so early on in the whole pregnancy – maternity process. I am looking forward to how this album unfolds since it’s pretty random already. Granted, there is no baby bump at 6 weeks. Too bad, cause I can’t blame a belly foopah on it.

See Documenting Maternity {Week 5}.

Edited to add: This is how the page ended up in the physical album.

documenting maternity in an album page, week 6


First Ultrasound

by Thao on 03.28.2012

Phew! The first trimester is nearly over. We waited to make the great news public until after we could see the little guy and here he/she is! Still called ‘Bruce’ for the code name, the baby is healthy, wiggling, and putting up on a whole new level of happiness.

first baby ultrasound (sonogram) at 12 weeks

first baby ultrasound (sonogram) at 12 weeks

I’m sure every other first time parent gushed like we did so I won’t try to rehash the excitement.

The nice technician actually tried to get us a 3D ultrasound picture, but frankly, it was a strange little blob.

The first trimester has been a breeze for me, *knock on wood*. I only had fatigue after coming back from work travels in Malaysia for about two weeks, but other than that, I’m great. I’ve kept food down, thankfully, since I love food and that would be a terrible waste. I had bad migraines for a week until I found the magic source of Vitamin B supplements. Hallelujah.

Here’s to another six months!


Documenting Maternity {Week 5}

by Thao on 03.27.2012

Well, after we made our big announcement, I was dying to find a way to document the journey. The main goal was to make or procure something physical that I could share with the baby as he/she got older. The goals were simple: digital files turned physical, creative, completely designed by me, and personal. I don’t do physical scrapbooking anymore. I would if I had the time. I now have a bunch of scraps and notes in folders tucked away in my craft closet. It’s been nearly three years since we got married and all my scraps are still neatly hidden (which is unfortunate). It was never made a priority on top of… life.

But, I’m committing to documenting this maternity journey. They say there is nothing like your first one.

This is how I’ll do mine. I am going to keep a notepad .txt file that will log each exciting occurence by week. My weeks start on Tuesdays. After the week is done, I’ll find an image or two that epitomizes one of those occurences and design a layout with a personal note addressed to the baby. Here we go!

Week 5 was a long time ago, but it was the pivotal one in which I found out… after a year of trying… that I was pregnant!

documenting maternity in an album page, week 5

Did I ever mention we are both Type A? About 5,793 times? OK, well, we’re both Type A and when we decided it was the right time in our lives to have a kid, nature decided to test our adaptability by telling us we couldn’t have a kid… for a year. That Big, Fat Positive came on February 2 this year. I had a doctor’s appointment on January 9 to discuss next steps with my primary after a full year of trying. After sharing, the Dr. referred me to an infertility specialist.

I made the appointment for the next month since I was going to be traveling a lot for work. I wrapped up my professional project during the month of January and noticed that my stress levels were significantly reduced. Boom, I got pregnant, cancelled the infertility appointment, and scheduled a confirmation appointment instead.

Life is funny that way. I hope you follow me in my journey. I will tag these DIY maternity album posts with "maternity album".

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