cloth diapering

Hi Stranger, Watch My Kid

April 1, 2013 3 comments

After being in a state of blissful sleeplessness during maternity leave, we had Kyler in day care full time just two days shy of his 3-month birthday. Our day care has a camera. I have an awkward relationship with said camera. Start internal dialog: Is that baby… Kyler? Wait? It’s supposed to be nap time. […]

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Cloth Diapering is Hard

January 31, 2013 3 comments
cloth diapering is so hard... how not to snap a cloth diaper -

…at least for the daycare sometimes. Every once in awhile a teacher subs in the infant room and has to educate herself (quickly as we have a screamer when it comes to the changing table) on cloth diapering because she hasn’t had to in her normal room, or whatever other reason there may be. It’s […]

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