Announcing Number 2 {Oops! We Did It Again!}

October 12, 2014 0 comments
funny pregnancy announcement for second baby with Maury and Britney Spears -

Well, we did it again! We’re pretty excited to announce that Kyler is going to be a big brother in April 2015. We went back to Maury again, but enlisted the help of Ms. Britney Spears (she loaned me her red leather jumpsuit), to share that we did it again and we’re having another baby! […]

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My Baby is Better

August 30, 2013 0 comments

It’s been a long time since I have updated and it’s mainly due to the career change I made in late May. I decided to leave my post as an engineering leader in my organization to learn more about business as a whole in project management. So far – it has been one of the […]

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Heart on My Finger: Handwriting Name Ring {Review}

March 8, 2013 0 comments
intial name ring in handwriting font - new mom gift idea -

Occasionally, I zone out on Wanelo. On the one occassion that I did, I found a picture of a handmade ring of someone’s name on it and immediately knew I had to track down the artist/company. Image from Christmas was around the corner and I wanted to give my sister (and myself – comon, […]

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On Marriage After Baby

February 24, 2013 1 comment
On marriage after baby -

Stroller? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Crib? Check. Nursery design? Check. Cloth or disposable? Check. Cool mist or warm mist humidifier? Check. Marriage? Check …wait, what? We all knew child-rearing would be hard work. We were prepared to put our needs aside to meet the little man’s needs. We understood, or at least made the expectation, […]

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Advice to First American-born Asian Parents

February 2, 2013 0 comments
mom and newborn baby photography -

I’ve been randomly looking back at old baby pictures. It’s already been 4 months since little man entered the world. And I get sad. The first picture of him at home from the hospital was with not his dad nor with me. Actually, I wasn’t in any photos with him when I first got home. […]

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Sisters Get Pregnant Together

July 23, 2012 2 comments
sisters going through pregnancy together - mini maternity session -

I am going through something pretty cool. My little sister and I are both expecting! AND we’re both having boys! Based on the expected due dates, they’d be 6 weeks apart. You already know you’ll have a family support system when you get knocked up, but this gives ‘support’ a whole new meaning. I think […]

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Documenting Maternity {Week 21}

May 30, 2012 0 comments
documenting maternity in an album page, week 21 -

This week, I didn’t expect the exciting news that I got: I’m going to be an Auntie (real, legitimate – not because my best girlfriends were having babies)! My baby sister who is not really a baby (she’s 21 months younger), is also having a baby!! And she already knows it’s going to be a […]

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Insanely, Filthy, Stinkin’ Rich

February 16, 2010 6 comments

During lunch on Chinese New Year Day (this past Sunday), my mom gave a mini, heartfelt speech basically about how regardless of money, our lives are rich when we can give ourselves to others. When we can give anything: time, money, support, or even just some kindness, we are rich because you can’t give things […]

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Hard Work

February 15, 2010 4 comments

The word is out. On Friday, I resigned from my job. I got another one. Woohoo! So nope, I didn’t get engaged again and I’m not preggers. I am just moving on up in the corporate world. To celebrate, I bought a purse! As if anything else would be as appropriate. Two words: Tivoli GM. […]

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Going Out Big

January 7, 2010 9 comments

I can’t stand random-include-everything-and-every-little-detail posts, but the holidays make it difficult because too much happens and a single ‘hello friends’ post is just not sufficient.This holiday break was exactly what the doctor ordered. And by doctor, I mean my unprofessional, non-doctoral opinion. We started off with Christmas at our house. My in-laws came into town […]

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