{DIY} Painted Window Panels

October 4, 2012 0 comments
diy hand painted window panels with ninja and cityscape for nursery decor - adorkableduo.com

The main wall in the nursery required some cool custom-designed panels for the window per my original design plan. I didn’t bother googling "big city ninja window panels in turquoise, grey, and white". I figured this was something that HAD to be DIY if I wanted it to look the way I envisioned. I painted […]

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{DIY} Hand Painted Rug for Nursery

October 2, 2012 3 comments
diy hand painted stencil rug for nursery decor - adorkableduo.com

The plans for the nursery were in place and all of the furniture from crib to dresser and glider were ordered. I needed to find and purchase a rug. In my vision, it was a large bright green lattice, geometric, or chevron rug. I extended the search to include grey and blue as they were […]

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{DIY} Necklace Display

September 3, 2012 2 comments
diy earring and necklace (jewelry) display  - adorkableduo.com

Out of sight, out of mind… so I keep my jewelry out like this: Here’s what I did for my DIY necklace display. What you need: railing: I used Ikea’s Asker Suspension Rail hooks: I used Ikea’s Asker Hooks (2 packs for a total of 10 hooks) drywall screws screwdriver level your necklaces This is […]

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{DIY} Earring Display

September 1, 2012 1 comment
diy earring and necklace (jewelry) display with ikea goods - adorkableduo.com

Out of sight…out of mind. At least that is how it goes with my wardrobe – even more so, my jewelry. So, knowing this specific detail about my forgetful self, I went to Ikea (love) long ago and purchased what I thought could become my new jewelry display. So if you don’t mind everything out […]

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