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Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

August 23, 2012 0 comments
break even point of cloth diapering and disposable diapers -

Donny challenged me to prove that cloth diapering was in fact less expensive than disposable diapers by JUST looking at the cost of the diapers. I found that on average, babies are changed 7,000 times. Let’s assume the babies are potty trained by the age of 2. That equates to about 10 diapers per day. […]

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With This Ring, Bitch Ahead

July 2, 2010 14 comments

What is up with some women? When I got engaged, I was so shocked… so surprised, so OVERWHELMED that the guy I’ve been dating had decided that he wanted no one else but me, that I didn’t even know what the damn ring looked like. I was crying, hysterical, and probably appeared crazy to any […]

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Insanely, Filthy, Stinkin’ Rich

February 16, 2010 6 comments

During lunch on Chinese New Year Day (this past Sunday), my mom gave a mini, heartfelt speech basically about how regardless of money, our lives are rich when we can give ourselves to others. When we can give anything: time, money, support, or even just some kindness, we are rich because you can’t give things […]

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