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With This Ring, Bitch Ahead

July 2, 2010 14 comments

What is up with some women? When I got engaged, I was so shocked… so surprised, so OVERWHELMED that the guy I’ve been dating had decided that he wanted no one else but me, that I didn’t even know what the damn ring looked like. I was crying, hysterical, and probably appeared crazy to any […]

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Where Did the Time Go?

April 12, 2010 7 comments

Uhhh… it’s April. Mid-April. My last post was back in February after I quit my job for a promotion at another and holy crap has life changed. So much has been happening that this might one of those pointless ‘nothing-has-happened’ posts… ooooor I’d sooner watch Bruno again, i.e. the worst movie ever. I am heading […]

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Think Before You Preach

February 18, 2010 15 comments

So if you’ve heard anything on the news, you know that Kevin Smith was asked to step off a Southwest flight due to his size, in otherwords, he was "too fat to fly".There are a lot of skinny people out there chastising him on how HE was responsible and that he should lose weight. Agreed. […]

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Clueless for Haiti

January 22, 2010 6 comments

Facebook outrage of the day: "I can’t believe we’re sending so much money to Haiti when we’re in a financial crisis". REALLY? Financial crisis? How about life crisis? Survival crisis? Have you watched ANY news lately or were you too busy drinking your $5 non-fat, non-foam, mocha latte to realize that you have SO MUCH […]

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