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{DIY} Soft Baby Ninja Lovie Security Blanket

February 19, 2013 5 comments
diy soft, fuzzy ninja blankie lovie -

Whether you call it a security blanket, blankie, or lovie, they’re just cute. I think I made this more for me and the sake of making one than for the boy who currently, at 5 months, doesn’t quite appreciate it yet as one of his precious toys. Give it time though, I’m sure he’ll want […]

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{DIY} Easily Adjustable Box Pleat Crib Skirt, Part 3

February 8, 2013 2 comments
diy easy to adjust modern pleat crib skirt -

This is the final installment of a three-part crib skirt tutorial. It’s not that the project was difficult, requiring three whole parts, but I was lazy and didn’t want to write it all up for one day. If you want to do this and didn’t start from the beginning, check these out: 1) The short […]

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{DIY} Easily Adjustable Box Pleat Crib Skirt, Part 2

February 5, 2013 3 comments
diy easy to adjust modern pleat crib skirt -

So you’ve successfully made the two short sides and now you need to make the actual box pleated long side skirts for your crib. Recall that theses are the tools for entire project: fabric – I went with grey Riley Blake chevron (I had leftover after using some for this corkboard project) muslin liner – […]

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{DIY} Easily Adjustable Box Pleat Crib Skirt, Part 1

February 4, 2013 10 comments
diy easy to adjust modern pleat crib skirt -

I started this whole crib bedding thing with the assumption that it would be the one thing I WOULDN’T DIY. I kept playing around with looks on Carousel Designs since they were they only retailer offering grey chevron bedding at the time… …but my heart kept aching when I added up the costs. It’s expensive! […]

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{DIY} Baby Ribbon Taggy Blanket

August 27, 2012 0 comments
diy ribbon taggy - baby blanket with ribbon tags -

What the heck is a "ribbon taggy"? It’s just a blanket, or small section of a blanket that is sewn with ribbon "tags" coming out of the edges. Babies love the different colors and textures, so it’s nice to make these with minky, satin, fleece, etc. materials to stimulate touch. I made a pretty simple […]

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{DIY} Stuffed Toy: Ninja Plushie

August 20, 2012 0 comments
diy stuffed toy craft, ninja plush -

You really don’t need a tutorial for this one if you sew, so let’s assume you do and I won’t. I essentially took a drawing template of a ninja, cut out two sides out of soft fuzzy black material, zig-zag sewed a face on one of the sides with button eyes, pinned the faces together, […]

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{DIY} Ninja Plushies for Hanging Mobile

August 2, 2012 2 comments
diy ninja plushies for hanging baby crib mobile -

Our nursery theme is Big City Ninja and the only ninja mobiles I found were not cute enough for baby, so the easiest solution was making my own! You saw my army of ninjas, right? Tools: felt in your colors craft thread in your colors polyfill scissors your template for the shapes (simply cut out […]

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Army of Ninjas

August 1, 2012 1 comment

Check out my little army of ninjas! I just finished making these for the nursery as part of his mobile for our nursery themed "Big City Ninja". They were really easy to make out of felt, batting, and craft thread. I’ll post some instruction next in case any of you are interested. Hope you’re having […]

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Mi Amor on Halloween

November 2, 2011 2 comments
Homemade DIY Pepe le pew and penelope costume -

I had a hard time coming up with a unique costume idea this year. I like to make my own and we often like to pair up as something. One year, we were Chun Li and Ryu, another year, it was a flower and a bee. All of the couples costumes out there were so […]

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