Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Info before we arrived and left Sin City

How AMAZING! We all had a blast. The guys flew out on Thursday, the 21st and the girls trailed a day later. The girls’ itinerary included themes and the eventual mixing of the guys. Here is what the girls had planned:


  • Theme: Black Cocktail Dress Night
  • Clubs: Tao and Studio 54
  • Recap: It was great. We ended up getting VIP passes because we stood by these other crazy girls who had a huge bachelorette party too. Free drinks at TAO and it was G-double-O-D good.
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  • Theme: Cheesy Night. This is where we indulge ourselves in the typical bachelorette style party… decorated tank tops and obnoxious items to wear.
  • Clubs: Coyote Ugly and Rain.
  • Recap: Skip Coyote Ugly. I never liked bars like that so I had an awful time, but when we finally got to RAIN at the Palms, I was SO HAPPY. It was amazing. If you love techno/house/ANY dance music… this is the place for you.
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  • Theme: Pinup Girls
  • Clubs: Payboy, Moon, and Ghostbar
  • Recap: During the day, we all registered for a pole dancing class for fun and it was just that: FUN. Then we got ready for the clubs in our pinup-inspired outfits. We were confused as show girls, which was always a compliment and definitely turned every club that we went to ours. When a huge group of girls in colored corsets comes into the clubs, it looks like they’re part of the club theme. Long story short, best. theme. ever.
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Thanks so much ladies and gents for coming out to Vegas to celebrate with us!

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