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Go big or go home! There is no better way to celebrate than to get our close guy friends and girl friends out to Vegas for a weekend! This whole thing came about YEARS ago when my closest girlfriends and I had started dating people seriously. We joked one time and said, "the first one of us to get engaged, we’re going to VEGAS for the bachelorette party!" Well, yours truly was the first and we kept this promise!

Basically, Donny’s men and Thao’s ladies will fly out to the city of sin, LAS VEGAS, during Memorial Day weekend (May 22-24). The guys will do their own thing and the girls will do their own thing each night. Mingling will probably occur during the day but everything that happens at night is a non-topic during the day! So we’ll probably talk about the weather… and… buffets… or that crazy Elvis impersonator.

Please come back after Memorial Day Weekend to see what trouble the bride and groom find while there. [updated!]

In the meantime, the girls have their weekend planned. Each night is themed and one of the theme nights is the typical cheesy decorated shirt night. Why not? I am wearing a white tank and all of the other girls are wearing shades of pink. Lexi spent the night and we started decorating our tees. Ignore the slumberwear.

A bridesmaid t-shirt

The bride shirt

I am excited to see what all of the other girls come up with for that night. The other nights include "Pinup/Corset Night" and "Classy Black Dress Night". I’ll rock out in white every night.

Read about the actual trip!

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