Calendar of Events

The long engagement has allowed us to plan special parties and other various celebrations. We were able to fit in our family engagement party, a bridal party barbeque, and a lot more.

Monte's Lounge08.25.07 | We got engaged at Monte’s after a dinner celebrating my 23rd birthday.

Monte’s Lounge
438 Bridge Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Golden Harvest Chinese Restaurant

05.25.08 | Family Engagement Party to have our entire families meet!

Golden Harvest Chinese Restaurant
6880 E 12 Mile Rd
Warren, MI 48092

Yay for BBQs07.19.08 | We had a Bridal Party Barbeque for everyone to meet.
Everyone brought their own fabulous dish to pass so everyone and their significant others can get better acquainted.

Anti-Shower Shower

05.02.08 | A little gathering of girls to celebrate the girl about to be wed!
All details for a Anti-shower Shower to be determined.

Co-Ed Shower05.16.08 | A little gathering of guys & girls to celebrate the couple about to be wed!
All details for a Co-Ed Shower to be determined.


05.22.09 | Both the bachelor and bachelorette parties will be held in none other than LAS VEGAS!
Please contact the maid of honor or best man for further details


Hopefully you can all be there to help us celebrate this big day with us!!

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