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I almost immediately went to the colors red and gold for the whole Chinese/Vietnamese wedding tradition thing. In fact, this website was red and black for awhile. THEN, I woke up and disposed of that tradition (I’m keeping it for the ceremony) because I honestly do not like that color. At all. SO what’s my favorite color? PURPLE!

The reception room will be adorned with two main colors: lavender and chocolate. Accents without color will silver. (We left some gold on the cake for tradition)

lavender chocolate

The table linens will be chocolate and the napkins will be a lovely lavender. We plan to forgo the typical silver chargers and are instead using brown tiles as the place setting, like so:

Setting mockup

The tablecloth in this image is a little more wine-color. We’re going for a deep chocolate brown.

The head table and dance floor will be splashed with yellows and hot pinks.

yellow hot pink

For another atmosphere in the lounge (we have an area outside of the banquet hall that will be transformed to a chic club lounge), I will be using black, white, and hot pink!

black white hot pink

Ok, the whole lavender plus chocolate thing started boring me. It felt plain still. So, we are going to make the colors shades of pink through purple (the MAIN color is lavender) with a chocolate base and pops of yellow (as requested by Donny).

hot pink fucshia plum lavender lilac yellow chocolate

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