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My mommy wanted to make me a veil so one weekend, during a hair and makeup appointment with my sister, she made one! I would not have had this any other way. For proms and homecomings in high school, my sister or mother always did my hair. One year, my aunt made my dress and my mother made my matching purse. It’s always been a "family bonding" thing for us.


  • Birdcage netting from JoAnn Fabrics
  • Sharp scissors
  • Small hair comb
  • Fabric pins
  • Thread
  • Needle

It was really funny – we knew it would be easy to make but it did take a couple of trials. The first one, mom accidentally cut too short and it stood straight up in the air. This is too cute.

diy birdcage veil for wedding

To make the veil, we cut the netting in a long rectangular shape. The longer, the more ruching. I did not want too much; I wanted it smoother, so the rectangle was not very big. We had to play around with the size a little. Each time it was cut, she gathered one lengthwise side and held it around my head until it looked the way we wanted it to look.

Then, once it had the right amount of ruching, she pinned it gathered to the hair comb. We tested it in my hair again and continued to fix the gathers. She pinned them to the sewn parts to hold it in place.
diy birdcage veil for wedding

Then after she pinned everything in place, we left it in my hair at the approximate location and carefully cut it around my face. Be careful, it is easy to cut a jagged line in the netting. Use sharp scissors.

Here it is! (Excuse the MYSPACE style picture.)

diy birdcage veil for wedding

P.S. This was also a hair and makeup trial by my little sister. She did a great job!

Here’s a fun picture from the day of the wedding with our bridesmaids and my veil.

diy birdcage veil for wedding

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