DIY | Napkin Fold

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6 Responses to “DIY | Napkin Fold”

  1. Tiffany Crawford says:

    I REALLY like the napkin fold you had at your wedding. I’m assisting with one on June 16th, 2012. Can you please tell me how you folded your napkins so that I can duplicate it? I’ve searched all over the internet for a similar style with a tutorial. I would greatly appreciate it!

    Tiffany Crawford

  2. Jamie says:

    I love this type of napkin fold! Could you please send me a tutorial on how on how to duplicate it for my wedding? I would be forever grateful! I want to put a 4×6 I Spy card game inside instead of a menu. Thank you so much!


    • Angela says:

      Your wedding is spectacular! I’m using some of your DIY’s for my wedding on Aug. 11. I would also be interested in the tutorial for the napkin fold! Thank you!

  3. Viri says:

    Hi! Do you have instructions for this fold.? If so can you please post or send them to me.


  4. C says:


    I am getting married in September and am looking for napkin fold ideas. I love this tutorial and am wondering if you could share how you folded the napkins around the menus! Thank you so much!

  5. […] table was decorated with the lavender napkins we used at our wedding. I wanted to display a purple dessert and a blue dessert to represent both sexes at our party. For […]

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