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I priced out renting napkins and it seemed ridiculous to pay that much for little squares of fabric, so knowing that we could have them made in Vietnam for WAY less, we decided to have them custom made. I went with a simple polyester since we had cool brown tile chargers. I did not want to take away from the charger AND the graphic menu, so simply polyester was perfect.

Then, I started thinking about the cost of having the venue fold them and since I didn’t like the offered folds or the service price, we decided to create our own fold that would accept an origami lily.

I sent a fabric swatch to Vietnam and my auntie helps me get the napkins fabricated. A family friend carried it all the way back to us to save on some extreme shipping prices. They made them perfectly and even stitched the edges with a darker purple thread.

When we got them, he had to wash and iron them since he did not want to tie bows. Who can blame him? However, he doesn’t like ironing either!

Washing napkins before folding them

Then, after I printed the menus and thank you program, he had to develop the napkin fold that would accept the menu card and an origami lily. He came up with a very beautiful fold!

DIY Napkin Fold

He went to work after he created that first one above.

DIY Napkin Fold

DIY Napkin Fold

DIY Napkin Fold

Here they are stacked and ready to be placed in a box for the venue to just put out at no extra charge for us!

DIY Napkin Fold

I’ll have to try and get him to take pictures of the fold so that you can see how he did it. It looked beautiful on our tile chargers.

DIY in Action

Here they are on the table with the lily and menu inside.

DIY Napkin Fold on the table

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4 Responses to “DIY | Napkin Fold”

  1. Tiffany Crawford says:

    I REALLY like the napkin fold you had at your wedding. I’m assisting with one on June 16th, 2012. Can you please tell me how you folded your napkins so that I can duplicate it? I’ve searched all over the internet for a similar style with a tutorial. I would greatly appreciate it!

    Tiffany Crawford

  2. Jamie says:

    I love this type of napkin fold! Could you please send me a tutorial on how on how to duplicate it for my wedding? I would be forever grateful! I want to put a 4×6 I Spy card game inside instead of a menu. Thank you so much!


    • Angela says:

      Your wedding is spectacular! I’m using some of your DIY’s for my wedding on Aug. 11. I would also be interested in the tutorial for the napkin fold! Thank you!

  3. Viri says:

    Hi! Do you have instructions for this fold.? If so can you please post or send them to me.


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