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diy wedding hair comb
Hair comb fascinator
My sister and I got together to work on this hair comb to wear with my reception dress.

diy boutonnieres
Instead of paying $15 for family bouttonieres, I made them with wire, fake flowers, tape and feathers.

diy flower girl baskets
Flower girl baskets
I bought baskets on sale post-Easter and wrapped them to dress them up as flower girl baskets.

diy wedding place setting origami flowers
Place setting flowers
I incorporated the tradition of folding 1,000 cranes into hundreds on origami lilies to adorn each guest’s place setting.

diy tile chargers
Tile Chargers
Instead of renting silver chargers, we bought ceramic tiles from Home Depot to create an organic/zen look.

diy jewelry
I made earrings to match each bridesmaid’s different dress color out of swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings.

diy shoe brooches for wedding
Shoe brooches
My shoes were dyed lavender, but they needed a little something extra, so I made a brooch with earrings and beads.

diy picture frame wedding card box
Card box
He worked with me to make this great picture card box for card gifts.

diy signature drink
Signature Drink Sign and Recipe
…how the DonThao came to life.

diy out of town bags
Out of Town bags
Guests staying in the hotel received goodie bags.

diy wedding hair and makeup
Hair & Makeup
At 4am, it was difficult to find a salon or stylist that was available to do my hair and makeup. Why bother looking elsewhere anyway if you have a talented sister who’s great at all of that!

Not really DIY

wedding favors
So this was not really DIY, but we put them together.

Post Wedding

diy wedding bouquet preservation
Bouquet Preservation
Professional bouquet preservations can cost a lot of money and after the wedding was over, that was the last thing I wanted to do. So I grabbed some hairspray and preserved my bouquet aka my new coffee table centerpiece.

diy wedding albums

Wedding Coffee Table Albums
Photographers charge a ton of money for high quality coffee table books… why not include images your guests took and make your own coffee table albums with the images that YOU like?
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