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  • Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (or whatever else you want to use)
  • to print magnets
  • DIY card kit from Staples
  • Save the Date Card Template in Microsoft Word (This template has been downloaded times.)
  • Printer
  • Rectangular hole punch
  • Lanyards from Staples

It was very easy for us to come up with a theme. We are both city people and love to dance and meet people. Naturally, we went with an ongoing theme throughout our relationship: VIP party. These weren’t meant to be elaborate or end up on any bride’s MUST-DO list; rather, it was just our way of introducing our wedding with our personalities.

Since the theme was a little more personal among our friends, we just sent it to our friends. (Plus, the guest lists from either rents was not ready by the time these had to go out 6 months before the day.)

What goes with a VIP party theme? Well, a VIP pass does, of course! I bought cardstock and took one of our engagement photos of us goofing off in the middle of the city to plaster on its front. The printing at home took FOR-EV-ER. This is the template I made for the card.

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

Then I created a very simple and clean magnet design using Paint Shop Pro. I made it portrait orientation, then rotated it 90 degrees to make it landscape. This is important for vistaprint, or else, the image will be stretched. The file was saved as a .jpg. image. If you don’t have fancy schmancy software, you can create it in Word, take a screenshot of it and paste it into Paint or another similar basic image creator.

I logged onto I really wanted it to be graphic like a VIP flyer, not necessarily "pretty". I uploaded it for a magnetic business card option.

Then, I chose to "Upload Your Own Design". I found the image I created. The rest is up to how many you need to order, etc.

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

Here are my magnets once they arrived!

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

I purchased lanyards from Staples and a rectangular hole puch from JoAnn’s (they always have 40% off sales).

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

So basically, you opened it to see me and Donny in a very strange picture. "Hmmm, what is this about?", one might ask. Then one would open it, remove the VIP lanyard, and read:

Click to enlarge

1) Donny and Thao are getting hitched after a 1.833 year engagement… it’s about time.
2) You are Very Important to them.
3) Do you really want to miss the "Shopping Cart" of "Sprinkler" in form?
Do what the VIP pass tells you.
Lansing, Michigan

And then the picture on the front makes sense. Hopefully. Ok, maybe not, but SOMEONE must’ve gotten it. Well, 3 stamps on many envelopes later, they were on their way out approximately 6 months before the big day!

diy VIP save the dates for our friends

I saw some people put their magnets on their refrigerators with the lanyards attached–made me giggle, but it was definitely refreshing to see the hard work displayed! The responses have also been great. Our friends said, "It is so you guys!" That’s all I can ask for =).

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    Ok so I find tons of things that I want online specifically on the knot..but this may be my very favorite idea. So cute!!

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