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  • Expandable Scrapbook
  • Scissors
  • Brooch pin
  • Satin fabric
  • Sewing Machine

I used to scrapbook everything and I knew that I had to wipe off the dust of my paper supplies to make a wedding scrapbook. When it was time to start thinking about where our guests who place their John Hancocks, I decided to make the "guestbook" part of the wedding scrapbook.

I purchased a plain scrapbook.

I didn’t like the wedding-y ones because they were too… wedding-y. I wanted it in our colors, so the plain purple book was a good choice.

I spruced it up by buying brooch pin and some chocolate satin fabric. The fabric was sewn into a sleeve that fit over the cover of the book and the brooch was used to gather the fabric. This is a lot better.

Finished diy wedding Guestbook

Finished diy wedding Guestbook

Finished diy wedding Guestbook

This completes how I made the plain book more wedding-y, but not so wedding-y. Enjoy.

How did I make the pages that were in the book?
How did I make the cards that people wrote their messages on for the book?

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