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  • PDF Template (This is in .pdf format to preserve the text I used – French Script) (This template has been downloaded times.)
    • The template is a compressed .zip file. Click here for instructions to extract.
    • Free font download at You can use the Microsoft Word Template to change the font if you’d like. (This template has been downloaded times.)
  • White cardstock paper from Staples
  • Printer
  • Posterboard
  • Adhesive – I used rubber cement
  • Scissors

The escort cards were made to tell the guests at which table they were seated, but when I go to weddings, I hate having to walk around the room looking for the specific table. Sometimes, the number system doesn’t make sense or they use table names… I don’t know what comes after a table called "Twilight"! So I made a simple table map.

It was going to be placed in the cocktail room where the colors are black, white, and hot pink. I didn’t want to take away from the room since we had so many design elements and visual stimulation so I wanted the map to be rather subdued in comparison.

I asked our venue coordinator to send me a mapping of table placements after we determined the final guest count. I had our guests in "groups" so that people who knew each other were more likely to sit together.

DIY Table Map Poster

I bought a plain black posterboard and drew numbered circles in Microsoft Word.

DIY Table Map Poster

The black outline worked well on the black poster. It gave me leeway to not have to pay attention cutting the circles out (they blended into the background so it looked like I cut perfectly). After cutting them all out, I followed the venue map and glued them to the posterboard.

DIY in Action

DIY Table Map Poster

You can definitely dress this up a lot more, but I didn’t want the table map to stick out like a sore thumb. I didn’t want to distract from the room!

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