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When you have something with a lot of detail, color, visual stimulation… you have to compliment it with the simple, otherwise your eyes will be pissed. Our girls were rocking all different colors and the bouttonieres were all different. I wanted Mitch to take a picture of us holding a sign, but because of all those other visual elements in the wedding party, I kept it very simple.


  • Foam posterboard
  • Paint
  • Art work tarp or sheet
  • Paintbrush

As an artist, I used to paint a lot more, so I have a sheet – the art tarp – that I use to make sure I don’t ruin my floor/furniture. So lay it out over the workspace.

First, I called my mommy and asked her how to spell out "Thank You" in Vietnamese. I can understand and decipher words when I see it, but I can’t write. Yay for moms.

Then, I took the foam board (foam is better for strength… if the posterboard is flimsy, it might not be easy to hold onto or picture correctly – it was windy when we took our pictures), paint, and paintbrush and went to work.

There really weren’t any special things to document in pictures, so here’s the final product! (Kevin is holding onto it like a little lost puppy.)

DIY Thank You Sign in Vietnamese

DIY in Action

…and here it is in the photographer’s picture. So glad I made it simple.

DIY Thank You Sign in Vietnamese

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