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  • Chargers from Home Depot
  • Strong muscles

I originally planned to rent the round silver chargers for each guest setting, but no one gave me a price I liked.

So instead, we bought 12" by 12" chocolate brown tiles from Home Depot and used those as our chargers. It’s not DIY, but it was a different idea and I loved the way the diagonal setting looked underneath the dinner setting. They were only about $1 or less a piece, which was well below the $3 rental charge for the silver chargers that you can’t even keep!

The boys delivered the tiles to the venue and they took care of placing them at each setting!

DIY in Action

Here is how the "chargers" looked on the day of the wedding. I’m annoyed that they put coffee cups on the table as we asked them not to do that.

diy dinner chargers for wedding reception

diy dinner chargers for wedding reception

Now that we have all of these tiles, we plan on re-tiling the fireplace and updating the bathrooms with them! A little piece of our wedding day can stay in our home.

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  1. Sarah says:

    this is so cute. As I was scrolling through you’re idea I thought, “How cute to use them to tile a floor or make a really modern piece of wall art”, lo and behold, you’re a genius and did it. It’s be neat to let guests sign them at the end of the night and make them into a piece of art(heavy, but cool).

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