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Technically, it was a 1.833 year engagement. I had to finish earning my masters degree first before I could work on the planning. During this process, we split responsibilities. He took care of all the dry logistics and I took care of all the (what he likes to call) "pretty" things.

The teamwork definitely made things go smoother. I was lucky. He is very good at planning parties. So, below is all of the inspiration we took from websites, friends, magazines, etc – formed into something we both wanted for the big day.


Overall Inspiration for Wedding Design
Check out everything at once – the inspiration for everything.

The Vision
I used Excel to help make design boards. It’s not that dorky.

Color Inspiration
Every good wedding design has a color associated with it, but why stop at one?

Lounge Inspiration
We met in a club. Why not dress up the wedding space as one?

Lighting Inspiration
Lighting was more important to me than flowers.

Bridal Party Inspiration
LOTs of colors. LOTs of sass for my girls.

Bride’s Bouquet Inspiration
Tons of orchids… and maybe a few feathers.

Save The Dates Inspiration
The perfect save-the-date for a club party.

Invitation Inspiration
A little fun first impression for the guest – a mixture of DIY and ‘I don’t have the patience to make all of it myself’.

Escort Card Inspiration
Who knew they made these cute little guys?

Chair Inspiration

Cake Inspiration
Structure plus some organic form.

Guestbook Inspiration
The perfect wedding guestbook for a die hard scrapbooker and memory-keeper.
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