Ahhh, the engagement events… the showers and gatherings that build up excitement for THE moment. We had some traditional events from both customs, Vietnamese/Chinese and American, but we also included and omitted a couple others based on our personal style.

Calendar of Events
What were all of the events anyway?

Family Engagement Party
The extended families met during our family engagement party.

Bridal Party Barbeque
Since some of our bridal party members had never met each other, we wanted to throw a casual get-together meet-and-greet.

The Anti-Shower Shower
No cooing over gifts.

The Co-Ed Shower
Fun for everyone.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Plan
My girlfriends and I always said…

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Go big or stay home.

Rehearsal Party
Just bridal party members and their spouses.

Honeymoon Planning
I had no idea where we were going.
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