Family Engagement Party

Traditionally, the engagement is a formal ceremony in which jewelry and dowries are exchanged. The families can choose to have the formal ceremony right after the couple is engaged and celebrate with a banquet reception later. We chose to have the formal ceremony on the same day as the reception, so a non-traditional family engagement party was held in Warren, Michigan at the Golden Harvest Chinese Restaurant. We chose a Chinese banquet hall because Chinese/Vietnamese weddings are typically held in such places, but since we are having our wedding at a non-Asian hotel, we wanted to celebrate the engagement this way.

My (Thao) family is mainly residing in Pennsylvania, where I spent much of my childhood life. He does not have too much family in the states so close family friends came to celebrate. I have adoptive grandparents who have been a significant part of my life. They drove all the way from North Carolina to have some yummy food and to meet my in-laws.

After we have this party, we formally take each other’s family members as our own, i.e. his mother is already my mother-in-law and I call her mom. Unfortunately, Kevin is already my brother, ok jk.

Here are some pictures of that party (click to enlarge) (all pictures):

Meet Her Family

Meet His Family

Meet His Family and Family Friends

On that day, we had a huge traditional banquet dinner! The dishes included:

Seafood Soup
Duck Rolls
Spicy Fried Squid
Spicy Fried Soft Shell Crab
Fried Fish
Clams in Black Bean Sauce
Seafood Bird’s Nest
White Noodle With Sauce
Steamed Fish
Pea Tips

Can you imagine? It was a HUGE feast. Ideally, we would have an 8-10 course dinner for the wedding, but at a hotel, that was near impossible! We had cake to celebrate my little sister’s 22nd birthday. (Note: She also made my outfit as a gift!) We had a fantastic time with everyone and want to thank you for travelling such long distances to make the occasion that much more memorable.

Here are some more pictures! (All pictures)

Donny and my adorable little cousins

Lexi cutting her birthday cake

They say that these two look like me and Lexi when we were kids.

For the rest of the pictures, please go here.

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