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It’s fun to randomly check my tracker to find new sources who have linked to the website and all I can do is return the favor and say "Thank you!" I hope to keep adding ‘stuff’ to keep your wedding-brains entertained.


Thank you to the following sites for mentioning our website.

Hrtron08 had some kind words to say on the following posts:

I found that Jenn at found inspiration in my escort cards!

Other Gorgeous Weddings

I have my favorites too! They’re not all my style, but what I DO love is the level of detail and personal touches that these ladies incorporated. Check them out; they are all gorgeous.

Boston Bride919 – Here’s her planning bio.

Expat’s winter wedding


I post on DIY and Planning & Etiquette in theKnot’s community. Since posting, the following knotties have linked me either in their signatures or bios and I appreciate it! You should check them out too.

krhagen like my shoe brooches and linked me here on her favorite bios.

thesaltypeanut has also linked me in her favorite bios.

Vanessa4444 linked me in her signature.

sefaniee linked my invitations as her inspiration (in all things paper) for her own beautiful work.

Lindsay from linked me as a favorite.

Fan Mail

Somewhere along the way, this website became very searchable via google, bing, and the knot. I have been getting hits from individual websites and from people passing it on via email. I have to thank those for the kind messages left in the comments and in my inbox. It’s nice to know someone else loved my designs as much as I did.

(Only first names listed)

" I just want to say…AMAZING!!! You are so talented…I can\\\’t beleive all the things you DIY!!! Kudos to you!! I really really want to make a birdcage veil and I\\\’m scared….I am getting married in 3 weeks so I guess I need to get on it quick!"

"Hi, I must say I absolutely LOVE everything you’ve done. I mean everything. Your wedding DIY gives me so much inspiration and fabulous ideas. I’m not the most crafty, but I can do a little. I’m actually planning my own wedding coming up next year, and really think your guestbook idea is awesome. I personally didn’t like the idea of a traditional guestbook. What am I gonna do with a bunch of signatures? So off I go to try and create my version of your insert idea…"

"Hey, love your site! I am so in love with your orchid panels!"

"I love your wedding invitations. I have been doing a lot of research like you started off with. I would love to use the basic templets that you used for the invitation card and inserts."

"OMG! Thank you, thank you. thank you! Your website is fabulous! I love how you give all the details on your diy! You wedding looked so beautiful and I loved the hot dog game. Thanks for all your advice and great pictures. Congratulations!!!"

"So I wanted to say firstly that I ‘stole’ part of your website name(adorkable)….I feel guilty about that– but it works for FI and I as well….Secondly I wanted to say that among every other knottie idea I’ve seen on TK, your wedding was a) the most outstanding and b) the most diverse I’ve ever seen!! I love your style and am pleased TK featured your special day — it’s very deserving of spotlight!! :o)Congrats and God Bless….and thanks for sharing your story!!"
-Rebecca (Ferdy2584)

"I absolutely love this idea!! You are honestly my hero. I love how you created just about everything. Thank you for inspiration!"

"Oh my gosh! These shoes are fabulous. I never would’ve thought to use an earring to dress up a pair of shoes. I also just wanted to let you know that I was Googling trying to find ways to DIY my wedding because I have very limited budget, but I am somewhat crafty…at least I think so. Anyway, I came across you page and I was floored. The things you’ve done are just amazing. You’ve given me sooo much inspiration for things in my own wedding. You’re so thorough with how you’ve made things. I especially love all the templates. Those help the most! Well I don’t want to take up anymore of you time, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the help!!! You’re awesome!"

"Hi! Congrats on your wedding! I found your site from knot’s chinese wedding forum…I LOOOVE your ring and you guys are a beautiful couple. All the best of a married life to you!"

"My fiance and I just graduated from the Environmental Design program at the U of Manitoba, and have a goal to design our wedding. Anyways I’ve looked at your website and your designs, and they are amazing! I’d love to get in contact with you to hear more about your ideas and your wedding!"

"O M G. SOOO cool! I had looked at Thao’s invites and loved them"

"THAO! I love your invites! They were the first one i looked at when trying to find inspiration for my DIY pocketfold invites and now you were nam dropped on the knot diy page and i re-fell in love with them… Thank you so much"

"I love your idea for the time lineā€¦ and I downloaded the template!"

"…This is a great site, and pretty much I will be using it as inspiration when I finally make the move from our site as a straight up blog ( to a fully functional site. Anyway, congrats on your upcoming wedding!"

More nice comments can be found in the guestbook.

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