Guestbook Inspiration

You’ve seen those photobooths at the weddings where they print off two copies of your goofy mugshots.
1) as a souvenir – sometimes a favor
2) for you to glue into a book

I love pictures so it made sense to do something similar; however, we were going to have a different kind of ‘photobooth’ setup with a photographer, so that idea was out. The typical photobooths were overplayed. I liked the new idea of high quality images.

Then I thought about it and realized I could morph that idea of interactivity with our guests in scrap messages that would later be combined into our wedding scrapbook.

I am going to make our guestbook by incorporating it into our 12 by 12 inch scrapbook. If guests flip through the book when they get to the party, the first several pages will incorporate anything wedding-related, i.e. showers, parties, planning, sweatshops. Then they can flip through and insert business card sized pieces of paper into pockets.

I love looking at scrapbooks and I doubt I’ll flip through some plain, blank book, so this makes sense. Our guests will be part of my documentation for the weddding!

Update// It’s done, check it out!

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