Guys’ Tuxedos

The guys had their own flavor too.

Groomsmen in Chocolate Tuxedoes

They wore chocolate brown tuxes from After Six. The tuxes came paired with these brown fugly shoes that didn’t quite match the brown in the tuxes. In fact, they were reddish, so we nixxed the brown shoes and had the guys rockin’ it out in the white shoes.

I LOVED how they popped in the pictures. Their bouttonieres also matched the girl’s dress color of whom they were paired.

Groomsmen in Chocolate Tuxedoes

Groomsmen in Chocolate Tuxedoes

And what a bonus. They could also show off the NKOTB moves in them!

See this video on flickr

We also bought them chocolate argyle socks, but unfortunately never got them pictured in the tuxes. They did, however, get them pictured underneath the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai:

Groomsmen in chocolate argyle socks underneath traditional ao dai

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