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I didn’t have inspiration for makeup. I just wanted to wear my makeup the way I do for any other "fancy" occassion and that means dramatic eyes and everything else subdued.

After having a miserable, FAILED attempt of getting my makeup done for b-pics at Mirabella Salon in Okemos by Autumn and seeing this woman at Macy’s BUTCHER my mom’s makeup one day… I decided NOT to hire a makeup artist. For lack of better terms/description… white makeup is not the same as Asian makeup. There, I said it. It is more than just matching skin tone. There are things to avoid when putting makeup on Asian women, so if you’re a makeup artist, you need to understand the differences before working on a minority. I digressed with this, but all in all, I made the right choice…

My sister, who is very talented, was my makeup artist for the day. She did two previous trials (each were a little different) and ended up perfecting what I wanted. There was a second trial because I had gotten more tan since the first trial and had to test out another foundation.

This image is from the second trial (my mom and I were testin out a modern birdcage veil we made too). Now THIS is a good makeup trial!

Wedding Makeup Trial by Lexi

Here’s just how the eyes looked. Ignore the fact that I look cross-eyed.

Wedding Makeup Trial by Lexi

DIY in Action

This is how it looked on the day of the wedding. I am in my traditional dress.

Lansing Wedding Makeup by Lexi

Recommended Products

If you’re worried about crying and smudging, worry no more. She applied She-Laq by Benefit on my shadow and all around my eyes after the makeup was the way we wanted it. It kept my makeup flawless the entire day. I had to keep my eyes closed for a little bit after she applied it. It goes on shiny and then dries completely. You can’t even see it.

Benefit She-Laq

I have thin eyelashes so for several months before the wedding, we played with falsies to perfect the look in pictures. I ended up using Andrea #33 in black. They looked great in the pictures and now I am addicted to wearing them.

Andrea False Eyelashes #33

I used MAC primer and foundation on my face and plain ol’ Maybelline eye shadow on the lids. A light MAC lipgloss was also applied with a LIGHT touch of Vincent Longo cream blush.

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