Information for the Guests

Chinese? Vietnamese? AND American? Symbols? Destination? Customs?

Engagement Ceremony | Le Dinh Hon
Chinese and Vietnamese customs for the engagement. Believe it or not, it’s more than ‘boy asks girl to marry him’.

Like all wedding traditions, the Chinese and Vietnamese have their own wedding symbols.

The Ceremony
Details about our ceremony and how it relates to the cultural norm.

The Door Game
What is the door game, you ask? Far better than just tossing a bouquet among a crowd of cougars.

The Reception
What guests can expect from the reception…

Respondez s’il vous plait

The Reception Events
General description about what can go down at a Chinese / Vietnamese wedding reception.

Our Menu
If you’re RSVPing yes… here’s what we’ll be feeding you.

Reception Party Pictures
In case you forget your camera, the photographer will have a ‘booth’ set up.

Don’t toss your vouchers. Parking is on us!

…in case you don’t want to spend the night out on the street.

How to get to the reception

Local Area Information
If you’re from out of town, here’s a resource on what you can do in downtown Lansing.

Airport Information

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