Justice of Peace Ceremony

Immediately following the tea ceremony at the groom’s house, we had a judge stand before us and our families to LEGALLY marry us.

These photos were taken by Mitch Ranger.

The judge came up and started reading the marriage ceremony.

Justice of the Peace Ceremony

Our friends and family watched.

My sister watching

My cousin, the flower girl, watching

All smiles.

A cheesin' groom

Then, the rest is self explanatory.

Put the ring on her finger

Put the ring on his finger

About to be married

You are now man and wife!

I now pronounce you husband and wife

I now pronounce you husband and wife

It’s not for real until you sign those papers!

Signing into marriage

Signing into marriage

That was easy.

Now, time to get ready for pictures while the ceremony guests feasted again!

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