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We are having an open bar and for dinner, we will be having a plated tapas-style Asian fusion cuisine.


  • Call
    • J&B, Jim Bean, Seagram 7, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Captain, Beefeaters, Conquistador, Amaretto, Peach Schnapps, and Triple Sec
  • Premium
    • CC, Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, Absolut, any flavored Vodka, Tanqueray, Cuervo Gold, Christian Brothers, Crown Royal, Chivas Regal, Kahlua, and Baileys
  • Cordials
    • Courvoisier VS & VSOP, Hennessey, Remy, amd Martell
  • Liquers
    • Chambord and Grand Marnier
  • House Wine
    • Liberty Creek Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, and White Zinfindel
  • Champagne
    • Wycliff, Mumm, Moet, and Dom Perignon
  • Asti
    • Martini & Rossi

Hors d’Oeuvres

Plated Dinner Courses (similar vegetarian options will be served)


  • Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake
  • Assortment of Fruit with Whipped Cream & Chocolate Fountain

Late Night Snack

  • Assortment of Pizza

Traditional Food

This is a description of what one might typically eat at a Vietnamese/Chinese wedding banquet. We will not be serving traditional dishes, but we are taking a nod at tradition with several courses that will all be infused with Asian influences. The account below is for a fully traditional meal, not what we will be having.

Typically, 8 to 12 courses are served and shared among each table at a Vietnamese/Chinese wedding reception. Traditional dishes are Peking duck, seafood nest, shark fin soup, lobster, chicken, among more. Usually, the wedding receptions occur at restaurants and the food is placed on lazy susans and shared among everyone. We are doing ours a little differently. Instead of lazy susans, we are serving each course as a plated tapas style dinner.

The food is delicious, so don’t be afraid to try it if you ever go to a Vietnamese/Chinese wedding. Everyone is expected to enjoy themselves and be full doing so! Here are some images of what traditional dishes would look like (if our dinner was exactly traditional):


Peking Duck
Peking Duck

Seafood Bird's Nest
Seafood Bird’s Nest

Shrimp Balls
Shrimp/Crab BallsWe will have this at our dinner

The cake is tradionally not very sweet as Chinese/Vietnamese treats usually are not.

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