Surprise Proposal Gallery

September 5th, 2007

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to have it be a surprise engagement party for all of our friends on the evening of the proposal!

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The Proposal Story

August 28th, 2007

This is the original count of the proposal story from her point of view. Click here to see the photo gallery of that night.

On Saturday, August 25, 2007, he wanted to take me out to an early dinner for my 23rd birthday and to celebrate our two years together before all of our guests got into town. We went to Bistro Bella Vita (where he took me on our first date), at 4:30PM and found out that they didn’t even open until 5 on Saturdays. So we waited, hehe. After 20 minutes, we were seated at the booth right next to the booth that we were in on our first date. He had the Atlantic Salmon with a glass of Buchli Station Pinot Noir and I had the Duck Two Ways with a glass of Trefethen Merlot. We shared each other’s plate (I know I know, *gag*) and enjoyed reminiscent conversation about how nearly two years ago, we were sitting there and he was describing to me what a pharmeceuticals sales rep does. The food was impeccable. We couldn’t have picked better birthday dishes.

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We each ate half of our meals and he declined dessert to the waiter even though I was thinking, "I WANT DESSERT!" After dinner, we were scheduled to go to Monte’s at 6PM so that he could give them a credit card number to start some bottles for my VIP birthday party later. When we got there, Nick, the general manager, opened the door to let us in. I was confused as to how we knew we were there and why he even opened the door for us that way. The club looked so different in the daylight compared to how we normally see it–at night. I met Heather, their promoter, who was there to collect his credit card information, but to my surprise, Jeremy, our favorite Monte’s bartender, was also standing there. Read the rest of this entry »