So, We Met in a Bar…

So, We Met in a Bar…

"Love is not a product of reasonings and statistics. It just comes–none knows whence–and cannot explain itself."

:: Mark Twain

Short Version:

  • Girl goes out with friends for her first Thursday as a 21-year-old.
  • Guy goes out with friends.
  • Girl notices guy on the dance floor looking at her (because she is so amazing).
  • They keep looking at each other.
  • Guy says hi in very friendly cartoony voice.
  • Girl says hi back to guy.
  • Guy stereotypes the Asian girl as an engineer and he is correct.
  • Girl asks if the guy is half Swedish. He is not.
  • Girl and Guy smile. A lot.
  • He shows her he is Vietnamese by showing her his last name on his license.
  • They laugh.
  • They conversate.
  • Girl takes guy’s phone and puts her phone number in it.
  • He labels her number as V.I.P. and calls her 6 days later.

Who says you can’t find love in a bar?

Her Account of the Whole Thing:

Way back in 2005, I was finishing up a dating spree right before Valentine’s Day. I had decided that going on dates where I fell asleep and being told racist jokes at McDonald’s was just not the way to go anymore, so a "Dating Hiatus" allowed me to focus on school and work. Fast forward to August, I decided that NOW I would be open to dating again. I went out on a horrible date with a guy who made me pay for my own dessert at Brann’s Steakhouse (sans dinner… yes, he wanted to take me to a restaurant and not have dinner). It wasn’t even that horrible that he didn’t pay, but there was just no connection, so wallowing in a delicious oreo dessert that I paid for seemed that much more unbearable.

I did not give up though. The right guy was out there somewhere. I just turned 21 in the last week of August and my friends took me out to my favorite watering hole to celebrate. It was September 1, 2005 and I visited my beloved bar (Monte’s) with Karen, Ron, Ryan, and Olay.

After Olay’s birthday rounds, I was feeling good. All night, I noticed an Asian guy wandering by the dance floor by himself. Something about him caught my eye. Maybe it was the spiky hair or the fact that he was strangely wandering alone, but my attention was on him that night. I remember turning to Karen and telling her, "There’s a hot Asian guy looking at me!". Her response was, "ASIAN?" I had been pretty clear about not dating Asian men up to that point.

Finally, Olay and I had been talking and the mysterious guy walked behind Olay while looking at me. In mid conversation, I watched him walk around my friend. After a bit, I think Olay went to sit down. I turned around and the guy I had my attention on all evening said "Hi" (in a very friendly-cartoony way) to me. I leaned back and responded with a questioning "Hi?". The conversation started as he asked my name and what I was. I told him I was Vietnamese and before I could finish, he said, "what are you, an engineer?" thinking that he was making a valid stereotypical joke. With his foot sitting deeply in his mouth, I replied, "yeah, I am". He thought he was making a joke, but nope, I happen to be a math-loving Asian gal. He told me to guess what he was and I said he was Swedish and Asian. Haha. When he said he was Vietnamese, I didn’t believe him. He whipped out his license and proved how Viet he was with his legal last name. If you know ANYTHING about the Vietnamese culture, it is that the surname Nguyen belongs to half the country. The conversation continued. I remember being smiles all night, losing all track of time and the presence of anyone around us. (Could be the alcohol too.)

Thanking him for my 22nd birthday surprise
His friends wanted to leave and I told him to take out his phone. He was tipsy and could not figure out how to put in my phone number, but eventually did as "VIP" as he so adamantly stated. (By "he eventually did", I mean I grabbed the phone from him and put the numbers in myself. Everyone likes a take-charge woman.) He told me that he was going to call me the next day and I said "suuuuuurrrrreeee". He leaned in for a kiss and I turned so that he caught my cheek and said something along the lines of "We’ll see about that if you call tomorrow."

He left and did not call the next day. Boo! However, I had an evening class next Wednesday and received a call that I did not answer during class. I listened to the voicemail immediately affter class–THANKFUL that he introduced himself with his NAME, because I had forgotten. I blame the forgetfulness on being SO studious that any information unrelated to school fell by the wayside. I called him back and he trapped me into a Thursday-dinner through Sunday lunch-date offer. Clever, isn’t he? Anyway, his clever trap worked… I declined that evening since I was leaving class, but accepted the Thursday invitation for dinner.

I guess you could say it took off from there.

His Account of the Whole Thing:

I was out at Montes having a great night with a group of Grand Haven friends when I eventually found myself wandering around the bar by myself. I believe it is called "Making a lap". After about 2 (or 8) laps, I noticed this girl out of the corner of my eye but she was behind guy taller than me. So, I looked over his shoulder to get a peek. She noticed me looking and I thought to myself, "Just give her a little sample of the goods", and continued on my merry way. It was obvious that she was impressed with my boyish good looks and prestine physique because later on, she came up to me on the dance floor and stood right next to me. After letting her get another look at the goods, I decided that she had earned a conversation with me so I said, "HI!". She took a little step back in shock and replied with a surprised, "HI". She was probably thinking, "I can’t believe that this tall, attractive, muscular, and successfull-looking man is actually talking to me!" We conversed with small talk and I found out that she was Vietnamese. Of course, if she is Vietnamese there are only a couple of educational options for her; she was either an: engineer, doctor, or both. I correctly deduced that she was an engineer and she inappropriately asked if I was Swedish. She made me laugh, so I allowed her to put her phone number in my phone and she did. It was obvious that she liked the sample. I called her the following Wednesday, we had a date, and now we are planning a wedding.

I met my future wife in a bar. Nice huh?

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