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Bust A Move

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Finally got a minute today to post the first bridal tea gallery from one of the photographers during the bridal tea ceremony.

husband dancing during the Chinese door game

Moves like that don’t happen everyday… only during the endearing wedding festivity: The Door Game.

The Door Game II

Friday, August 28th, 2009

First, you can read about what the Chinese Wedding door game is here. Essentially, the groom has to prove to the bridesmaids that he is worthy of marrying the bride.

I think the girls enjoyed this. The only thing that went wrong was that the guys left their money on the bus so the girls did not receive any lucky money on that day. (They will later!) Donny was asked to do all kinds of things – mainly singing and dancing. We were on a time crunch because the guys arrived late due to traffic. Our auspicious time frame was between 9AM and 9:30AM. They arrived just after 9, so the games had to be rushed.

The procession, led by the family representative, starts.

Groom's procession

The representative came to the door and was rejected by my sister.

Door Game: No! You can't come in!

…and the games began. Lexi giving him instruction.

Door Game: No! You can't come in!

Kiss Your Groomsmen

He was asked to kiss all of his groomsmen. Pay attention to the beginning, he was tricked by his brother.

See it on flickr

Here are some great still shots from Mitch.

I think he liked it.
Door Game: Kiss the Groomsmen!

Oh, maybe not.
Door Game: Kiss the Groomsmen!

Ed enjoyed it!
Door Game: Kiss the Groomsmen!

Door Game: Kiss the Groomsmen!

I’m Too Sexy

Lexi said strut on the catwalk and that is what he did. Here is a video of Donny struting to "I’m too Sexy", sung by his groomsmen.

See it on flickr

More shots from Mitch.

Door Game: Strut Your Stuff!
This is obviously why I married him.

Door Game: Strut Your Stuff!

On the catwalk

Serenade the Bride

After "I’m too Sexy", the girls could not get enough of the serenades, so they asked him to sing our song to me. I was hiding upstairs, which is why he was looking up. Our song is "You and Me" by Lifehouse. I could hear him and was hysterically laughing when I heard this.

See it on flickr


Unfortunately, I was not "allowed" to watch, but our families did…

One of the flower girls laughing from inside.
My cousin watching from inside

Peeking out the window
Peeking out the window

Definitely a memorable highlight.