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Two Years

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Since I’m in school and I won’t finish my Masters until the end of next year, we are tentatively setting the wedding two years out–maybe Fall 2009. This will give me the chance to start planning as stress-free as possible! (It should be a fun process anyway.)

We’ve already started talking to venues and caterers in the Lansing area to get an idea of what our options are. He has been very helpful taking charge of the big details as I have already started to take an interest in the small creative details, of course.

Most of my detailing has been focused on learning about the Vietnamese engagement and wedding traditions. We are planning on running the show with a lot of respect to our backgrounds. Unfortunately, this means that only family, the wedding party, and very very close friends will be able to see the ceremonies. We did find a way to involve everyone, however, so I think that with a little bit of creativity, it will be something everyone can enjoy!

A New Chapter

Friday, September 7th, 2007

I actually never thought I would arrive at being able to make a Wedding Site, but here she is. I’m sure this side project of mine will change as I start thinking of more things to add, but I hope you enjoy sharing in this monumental occasion with me.