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Please Don't Stop the Music

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

YES! Lexi (my kid sister)’s talented boyfriend, Q, has agreed to DJ our wedding! I am so excited–maybe I can coerce him into spinning some original stuff, hehe. So now that I have found a Viet DJ who would understand my need for hip hop, dance, techno, and VIET music during the party, I can go back to focusing on the dress!

Well, on my own time. Together, we are focusing on the DECOR. This is probably the 2nd biggest chunk out of our budget aside from food as we are transforming the venue. It probably would have been easier to get an empty space to do everything I wanted, but I love my venue.

Saving all the money for this wedding is getting harder since we’re spending more on redoing the house. I would ALMOST call it penny pinching, but we’re not. We’ve just been doing a good job of bugeting. I guess that’s what happens when the wedding planners (us) are this OCD.