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DIY | Shoe Brooch

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Wedding Sole Mate

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

My most recent obsession has been shoes. I have scoured the internet, stalked the stores, and debated over so many different styles and colors.

Finally. I am done. My tradtional dress is red and gold so these are the shoes!

Marciano Caroleen
Marciano Red Caroleen Shoes

Then, The second dress is the white gown, but I am going to wear lavender shoes and DIY-ing shoe brooches to replace the bling.

Touch Ups Iris
Touch Ups Iris by Benjamin Walker in Lavender

Then, when I change again, I want to wear white shoes.

Aldo Laack in White
Aldo Laack Heels in White

I AM SO EXCITED! I started wearing all of them around the house today to break them in… I will probably do some major shoe stretching so I don’t ache, but that is most likely inevitable.