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The Vision

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I never pictured my dream wedding. To be honest, I think the whole Asian parents saying, "NO DATING!" sunk in and I never even thought about it. When we got engaged, I was already working on my master’s degree and so inspiration came from googling pictures and sites like or

The long engagement allowed me to collect MANY ideas and develop many myself. The basic theme is "Asian-fusion VIP Club" (if that makes ANY sense to you). We definitely wanted to keep culture involved in the design. Our heritage is important and I love the elegance of modern, Asian elements. It has to be fresh, funky, and elegant. I know it seems like a clash, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mixing traditional with modern. I think mixing styles are very appealing and bring life to both extremes. You can easily mix clean lines with an oddball organic vase to make things more visually interesting. I figure, I love my interior design this way, I will have the wedding this way. Donny is more into "all modern", but we both agreed to keep it sleek and clean. That’s the beauty of Asian elements. They’re usually very clean and simple if you think "Zen". To incorporate the traditional, I am designing a vector of the dragon and phoenix tail with heart shapes at the end.

By the way, he had a big hand in planning all of this too. We brainstormed a lot to come up with elements that made us both happy!

This is just explaining the vision of decorating the spaces. The ceremony decor was left up to the parents since it is traditional in reds and golds and in their homes. Here goes…

Overall Design Board

I made design boards in Excel (surprise, surprise). I googled for most of the images. This is what I used to have VISUAL conversations with Donny since describing even basic colors threw him into confusion! We have two areas to design: the lounge and the reception banquet room. These are the boards, click to enlarge!

Inspiration for the VIP lounge

Inspiration for the VIP lounge

I pretty much referred to this board for inspiration when I met with the vendors and made decisions. It helped us align on what we wanted first so that when we did come to something that needed a decision, we knew what fit into the overall design.