The Anti-Shower Shower

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I hate the idea of opening gifts in front of a bunch of cooing ladies. You’re going to get the gifts you registered for, is it necessary to have a spectacle and act surprised? Our opinion, anyway. To each her own!

It’s also not customary in a Viet/Chinese wedding so I didn’t really know about what happens at them until my friend got married after college.

My girls hosted an Anti-shower bridal shower on May 2, 2009. The girls were invited to come over for a cocktail slumber party; no gifts. Girls going to Vegas made t-shirts for our little fling!

This is the invitation that they sent out:

Anti-Shower Bridal Shower Invitation

It was a lot of fun. There were MANY delicious snacks. We played this Monopoly-like wedding board game where some of them enjoyed roasting me upon landing on certain spaces. Several t-shirts were started and then we enjoyed cheesy, wedding-related movies like Bride Wars and 27 dresses until we fell asleep around 3AM.

Unfortunately, I had broken my camera in March and the replacement one did not make it to me yet, so I did not get many pictures. Some of the girls were able to, but it’s up to them to upload them to Shutterfly. I was only able to snag these:

anti-shower wedding bridal shower

anti-shower wedding bridal shower

anti-shower wedding bridal shower

Thanks ladies for humoring a little old school fun!

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