The Ceremony

Only family and the bridal party will be invited to our private ceremony. It will take place in the following schedule:

  • Ceremony starts at 9 AM at the Bride’s home in Madison Heights
  • Leave the Bride’s home at 11 AM
  • Arrive at the Groom’s home at 1 PM in Lansing

The guests will eat after each ceremony at the bride and groom’s homes. After eating at the groom’s home, the bridal party will change into their reception outfits to take pictures downtown.

Traditional Ceremony

The formal engagement ceremony is held for the groom to present the dowry to the bride’s family. Most of the time, this engagement ceremony takes place on the day of the wedding.

After the tea ceremony at the bride’s home takes place, the couple travels to the groom’s family home to have another tea ceremony honoring his family and ancestors. This is for his family to accept her as one of their own.

Example of a Vietnamese tea ceremony

They exchange rings and then have a HUGE PARTY!

Other sources of tradition:
Vietnam Budget Tour

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