The Door Game

What is the door game, you ask?

Well, it is a Vietnamese tradition in which the groom has to prove his love and worthiness to the bridesmaids in order to marry her.

Once the groom gets to the bride’s home for the first ceremony, he is barricaded at the door by none other than the bride’s favorite ladies. The bridesmaids block the groom from entering the house. This is a fun little game in which the groom may have to answer questions about the bride through the door. If the bridesmaids choose to participate, they can make him do embarrassing things in order to marry his bride. Usually, the groom is solicited for money in lucky red envelopes. When, and only when the bridesmaids and family are happy with his toll payment, he will be allowed into the house. The ceremony continues.

We found a site of an already wed couple that had a detailed storyboard of their door game. Please visit this site and this site has some ideas. Although, Donny has outright said he will not be getting undressed or overly-mortified, hehe.

Here’s a picture I found on

Door Game: Dress up, boys!

To see the actual games played on our wedding day, click here.

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