The Engagement Ring

On one of his business trips to the east side, he swung by Ohio and met with a jeweler that a coworker had recommended. After choosing the rock and setting, he waited for it to be MAILED to him. Once it came, he had it for approximately four months before he finally made his move (chicken!).

Here is an image of the engagement ring that he placed on my finger! It’s simple and clean. The band has a simple square cross-section that matched both of our tastes. The four-prong style also gives it a more square look which is also our taste!

The diamond rock he placed on my hand

For the marriage, the diamond will be reset since we couldn’t find any bands that fit us. We went ring browsing all over the state through Thanskgiving and Christmas. Finally, right before the holidays, we went to our local jeweler and BAM! There it was… the setting we both fell in love with as soon as we saw it.

It was perfect. I love mixing elements and it had the traditional Tiffany setting with the modern mount.

It wasn’t until February 26, 2009 that we actually went back to the jeweler to have the original diamond reset in the Kattan setting.

The resetting

We’ve got the wedding bands! Take a look.

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