The First Date

September 8, 2005 We had agreed to 7:30PM the day after he called me. I was pretty excited to go out on this date. For the first time out in a LONG time, a gentleman called and told me he was going to come PICK me up for dinner. You wouldn’t believe how many no-manners guys would tell me to just "meet up" somewhere. Not cool. The prospect of going out with a gentlemen put me back in excited-girly-girl mode, changing into several outfits, and perfecting my hair.

He promptly arrived at 7:30PM. Mind you, we both did not remember what the other person looked like (although, we did not admit this to each other until later). My blonde roommate answered the door to let him in and he was confused. We basically set up a blind date for ourselves. I peered around the corner of my room into the foyer to see him. He was cute… "ok, so far so good." He walked me to his Ford Pacifica (company car, haha) and opened MY door to let me in (add the gentlemen points up). He did not tell me where were going, but he only had google maps printed to take us there. Well after getting a little lost, we ended up in front of Bistro Bella Vita, a swanky downtown restaurant.

To make a long story short, it was the best date that I ever had. Before the date, I arranged to meet up with my girlfriends after the date in case I didn’t want to drage out the evening with another horrible evening. Always have a backup or escape plan so that you don’t have to subject yourself to the misery of another failed attempt at finding a connection. To my wonderful surprise, I had so much fun with him that I told him to come with me.

He accepted and we drove over to Monte’s. I found out that my girlfriend was being stalked, so we rescued Karen from the stalker and we chilled in O’Tooles. (Karen, I might want to add, appeared on our first few dates. I still laugh about that to this day.) When he went to the bathroom, Karen looked at me and suggested that he was perfect for me… like we had known each other for years.

The next day, Karen and I talked and she said, "you know how they say when you meet the one, you just know? Well, I think I just met the one for you!"

She was obviously right, so I put that quote in our invitations.

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