The Groom Tea Ceremony

Powered up from the nap on the limo bus, it was time to get the ceremony going again. We arrived at the groom’s house and started the procession to be accepted by his ancestors.

These photos were taken by Mitch Ranger.

We pulled up to his family’s home to be greeted by the guests.

Groom's home

The groom’s house has a sign that says, "tan hon" which is Vietnamese for essentially "Just married" since we were spiritually married at the bride’s home.

Vietnamese sign at Groom's residence

We got off the bus in procession as the guys hold onto the remainder of the dowry. Firecrackers go off again to let everyone know that we’re there.


Bridal Party procession

Bridal Party procession

After the bridal party and the newlyweds’ parents enter the home, the family and then the guests follow suit.

Guests enter after the bride and groom

Inside the home, the representative welcomes the guests and explain the proceedings in front of the groom’s ancestors’ altars.

Everyone gathered inside the groom's home

His parents also welcomed the guests. First, his father spoke, then his mother.

Everyone gathered inside the groom's home

There was a break in the formality when his mother said thank you to the guests for coming to the marriage of "Donny and Kevin". She was so used to saying it that it rolled off her tongue. Everyone found some humor in it as he hugged his brother.

His mom cracking up because she said he was marrying his brother

I had to laugh too

Hugging his new wife

Candles were lit and I was introduced to each ancestor.

Lighting Altar candles

Introduction the the Altar

Then, tea was given to his relatives and they then gave us lucky gifts and advice.

Offering tea

Offering tea

Offering tea

Offering tea

Once all the tea was offered, we asked the judge to step forward and marry us legally.

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