The Reception Events

A Vietnamese wedding reception is a huge celebration. The bride and groom are very thankful to share their joy with all of their friends and family.

There are several events that occur at the reception. Usually, the bride and groom greet every single guest as they arrive at the reception. We will be practicing this in our traditional wear.

During dinner, the wedding party pauses eating and visits EVERY SINGLE TABLE at their reception. At this point, someone in the party has a collection basket for guests with cards or cash gifts in lucky red envelopes. However, our wedding party consists of 12 people plus parents, so you can imagine that it is too big of a group making the rounds. We will probably change this to just the two of us toasting everyone. At each table, the oldest person typically gives a small speech that is private to the table not to the entire reception, and wishes the new couple well in their marriage!

After they make their rounds, the bride and groom may participate in reception games similar to the bouquet and garter toss. The bridal party is responsible for preparing the short games. The games may be:

Rice Ball Game They prepare a small ball of rice at the end of a string. The bride and groom are blind-folded and challenged to face each other and try taking a bite out of the ball. Basically, the game forces the bride and groom to kiss.

A variation of a rice ball game done with a fortune cookie
A variation of a rice ball game done with a fortune cookie

Duck Game (Or some type of poultry) from dinner is separated from the server plate. (Roasted Duck is typically served at a wedding.) The bridal party place parts of the duck: head, thigh, wing, breast, or butt, on plates underneath upside-down bowls so that the groom cannot see which body part is where. The bridal party mixes up the covered parts and the groom chooses one. They reveal the part that he has chosen and he has to kiss whatever was revealed on the bride!

Challenge the Groom The bridal party blindfolds the groom. They hold a string with a cherry tied to the end and hold the cherry around the bride. As the groom moves closer to bite the cherry, the bridal party moves the string towards and around the bride so that the groom can’t get it. He ends up kissing all over her.

Who knows what's going on during THIS game!
Who knows what’s going on during THIS game!

Here is a site with other reception games that might show up during the reception.

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