These pictures were collected from the bridal party. The tea ceremonies were two cities apart, 1.5 hours driving, to be exact. We had a party bus take us and the bridal party from the tea ceremony in Madison Heights to the final one in Lansing.

We’re about to get onto the bus

Getting on the bus

The ushers loaded the pig onto the bus.

The pig!

We were all still wide awake when we first got on the bus. Moscato d’ Asti was passed around to celebrate – in classy styrofoam cups no less!

Woo! Moscato!


Here we are, the happy couple

Happy couple

Maid of honor and bridesmaid (Karen & Megan)

Maid of Honor and a Bridesmaid

Our siblings


One of our ushers and his wife, a bridesmaid (Ryan & Sara)

More bridal party members

And then Donny started us all off to nap time


Dropping like flies

So tired

So tired

I joined in too

Sleepy bride

Then we had to stop for a pee break. When I woke up, it was hot, so I took off my jacket. Ow OW!

The bus got hot

Ok! Yay, we got to the groom’s house, finally!

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